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I will be writing on technologies related to .NET, Java, C#, Database and Android. I'm Hoping it would help someone out there looking for a solution and also Blogs are a good way to discuss and connect with people sharing similar Interest/Dislikes on any technology.

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I like staying updated and experimenting with latest technologies. If I learn something useful, I'll try to make a small tutorial and pass on the knowledge that I gained.

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Scroll down on this page, and you will see a section dedicated for some interesting articles available online. Mostly RSS feed from some of my favorite blogs and websites. Also find a twitter feed to know what people are saying about technology. I'll try to capture the trending buzz words in this section.

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Introduction to SignalR in ASP.NET MVC 4 by building Trading Trends Application


In the coming days there is going to be lot of stress on building more interactive web applications. SignalR is one such framework in .NET technology which helps to build interactive, real-time, multi user applications. Let us learn what is SignalR by building..... Continue Reading Blog...

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